FGC_Lib: Flue Gas Cleaning Library

The Flue Gas Cleaning Library (FGC_lib) is an IPSEpro model library for modeling Flue Gas Cleaning systems by solving the steady state mass and energy balances.

The aim of the FGC_Lib library is to support the basic design of process sequences, the determination of operating conditions and the assessment of the streams of fluegas, additive, byproduct and waste with respect to flow, composition and thermal state.

The performance of the single unit operations (removal efficiency, stoichiometry of additive supply, pressure drop, etc..) is to be specified by the user. Flow, composition and the thermal state of the drain streams result from chemical/thermodynamic models of the particular operation.

The FGC_Lib Flue Gas Cleaning Library can be used in combination with the respective IPSEpro model libraries:

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