Desal_Lib: Desalination Process Library

IPSEpro with the Desalination Process Library Desal_Lib provides the most comprehensive solution for engineers who are analyzing and optimizing desalination processes.

Using Desal_Lib, the Desalination Process Library, the full range of IPSEpro's capabilities can be applied to the field of seawater desalination.

Desal_Lib allows to model desalination processes based on any of the major desalination technologies:

  • MSF - Multi-Stage Flash
  • MED - Multi-Effect Distillation
  • MVC - Mechanical Vapor Compression
  • TVC - Thermal Vapor Compression
  • RO   - Reverse Osmosis

Desalination processes frequently are closely integrated with thermal power plants. Desal_Lib can be used in combination with the respective IPSEpro libraries:

This makes it possible to easily create models of entire dual purpose plants and hybrid plants.

Check about the available Model Libraries and contact us for testing the ones that serve your application at your convenience!