Building on their decades of experience as the original developers of the GateCycle heat balance software, Enginomix has developed the Enginomix Power Plant Library for IPSEpro (EPP_Lib), a library focused on the design, analysis and optimization of conventional and advanced power system technologies.

Enginomix has put all the capabilities of GateCycle, and much more, into EPP_Lib. With EPP_Lib, you now have the power, detail and accuracy of GateCycle available in the easy-to-use, flexible, open-software architecture of IPSEpro. Using IPSEpro and EPP_Lib, you can model an infinite variety of conventional and advanced power plants, including all forms of combined-cycle and conventional steam power plants. Enginomix also offers extended versions of EPP_Lib, including EPP_S_Lib (for advanced, detailed modeling of biomass, coal and other solid-fuel technologies), EPP_B_Lib (for geothermal systems) and EPP_IGCC_Lib (for IGCC systems).

EPP_Lib includes detailed design and off-design icon component models for key power generation equipment, including steam turbines, gas turbines, boilers, heat exchangers, condensers (air and water cooled), pumps, pipes, separators and other key process equipment. EPP_Lib incorporates industry-standard calculation methodologies, including Spencer-Cotton-Cannon formulations for steam turbine efficiency, Stodola-ellipse calculations for steam turbine pressure-flow relationships, and HEI methodologies for water-cooled steam condenser design and off-design performance predictions.