SimTech celebrates its 25th Anniversary!

25 years simtech stamp final

In October 1991, SimTech Simulation Technology was founded with the goal to develop and market state of the art heat balance software for the power industry. Through the years, many projects, products and services have been developed and successfully brought to the market. All of them were guided by SimTech's main original goals.

The launching of SimTech’s simulation environment IPSEpro in 1996, established a completely new era for modeling and simulating processes in a flexible and customized way. IPSEpro evolved from its predecessor IPSE environment, and allowed a full set of software modules to be added to it due to its scalable concept. An important IPSEpro module launched in late 90s, for instance, was the On-line Optimization System within a Plant Operator facility, which then was followed by other solutions for On-line Monitoring, Data Validation and Economic Plant Analysis and Optimization, extending the focus of IPSEpro towards the entire lifecycle of power plants.

SimTech’s consolidated working philosophy aggregates a solid understanding of its clients’ engineering and technical needs with profound experience in software development and information technology. For many years, SimTech has been delivering specialized proprietary solutions for industrial clients and project partners, based on the experience with development and application of simulation tools.

As SimTech reaches now “25 Years in Business”, we gladly look back to our early days in order to re-evaluate our goals and confirm that we have been taking the right steps. It is rewarding to see the successful impact that SimTech made with its developments in the process simulation communities. All this would not have been possible without the consistent support from all our trustful clients and collaborators. SimTech is grateful and proud of its working team, its representations, as well as of its project partners and customers. We appreciated your support and collaboration in the last 25 years and we look forward to working even better with you all in the next years to come!